School Profile

James Earl Rudder High School
3251 Austin's Colony Pkwy.
Bryan, TX 77808

~ Grades: 9-12.

~ Mascot: Rangers

~ Colors: Green & Blue


The school was named for General James Earl Rudder, a soldier, land commissioner, and president of Texas A&M. He was called into active duty in 1941 and had a celebrated military career during World War II. In 1943, as a lieutenant colonel, he became commander and trainer of the Second Ranger Battalion, which had a major role in the D-Day invasion. Rudder's Rangers stormed the beach at Pointe du Hoc and, under constant enemy fire, scaled 100-foot cliffs to reach and destroy German gun batteries. Rudder won the election for Texas land commissioner in 1956 and served until February 1, 1958. That year, he became vice president of Texas A&M University. He became president in 1959 and president of the entire A&M system in 1965. In 1967 President Lyndon Johnson presented Rudder the Distinguished Service Medal, the highest peacetime service award.


Rachel Layton


Associate Principal - Administration
Andy Valadez

Associate Principal - Instruction

Assistant Principals  

Jonathon Randle - Alpha A-Er


Kellee Palmer - Alpha Es-Li


Robert Casey - Alpha Lo-Ra


Michael Watts - Alpha Re-Z 


Jarvellyn Robinson (A - Da)


Virginia Rodriguez (De - Hern)


Shannon Adams (Herr - Moo)


Regina Michelle George (Moo - Sc)

Jeanne Stautzenberger (Se - Z)