Schedule Changes


Enrollment in advanced courses in BISD is open to all students. Advanced courses are designed to challenge students to achieve higher levels of learning. It is expected that a student’s grade may initially be low as s/he learns new study skills and adapts to higher expectations. The fact that advanced courses are weighted compensates for this “learning curve.” It is generally to a student’s advantage to stay in an advanced course if s/he is capable of doing the work.

In order to drop an advanced course, a discussion must take place between the teacher, parent, and student. The discussion should include district assessment data, input from all parties, and should take place at the end of the 6 weeks to determine whether the student is inappropriately placed. If the student remains in the class and fails to maintain a 70 average for the subsequent 6 weeks or semester a discussion between the student, parent and teacher must take place to determine the suitability for the student to remain in the class for the next grading period or the spring semester.

For students requesting a change prior to the spring semester, a form titled “Request to Drop an Advanced Course” must be completed and submitted to the Counselor and must be approved by both the student’s Counselor and Assistant Principal. A decision in favor of dropping the advanced course will be possible only if a seat is available in the lower level course. If the AP course does not have an associated lower-level course, the student must remain in the AP course for the semester.

Exceptions may be made for seniors in courses required for graduation.