Choosing a Career/Major

Choosing your college, your major, and your future career are big decisions. We can help you make the right ones (and, hey, it's okay to change your mind ... what matters is discovering the options that work for YOU).


Bryan High School subscribes to Eduthings, an online program that can help you figure out careers that suit you and help you explore college options. You can access this program from any computer on campus or in the GO Center, located in the Commons on the Blue Campus. Don't be shy--visit Ms. Faldyn or her Aggie mentors in the GO Center if you need help.

  • Your Username and Password are the same as your Google login information.


You may know that you want to attend college, but perhaps you have not yet chosen your major. The college applications you fill out will be asking you for your choice of major. Before you panic, keep in mind that people do change their majors (and their careers, sometimes more than once), so identifying a major on your college application is not a declaration to which you are bound for a lifetime. Furthermore, some colleges offer the option of "Undeclared" or "Undecided" or "General Studies" for students who just can't decide what they want to study in their first year of college.

Eduthings can help you choose a major, as can

  • You will need to register (the service is free).

  • You will need to know your GPA.

  • If you have taken the SAT or ACT, you will need to know your score.

  • You will answer questions about your grades & interests in high school, select from a LONG list of subjects what IS and IS NOT of interest to you, rank your preferences about the kind of work you would like to do.

  • Finally, you will receive a list of 6 majors that may be right for you, based on your answers.


The Bureau of Labor and Statistics has a website aimed at helping K-12 students explore careers based on their areas of interest: